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Donovan News 42

Donovan & Associates has been responsible for three additional publications during 2011, the culmination of projects that have extended over several years. They are:

Port Wakefield and District: A History Storm, An Australian country town and World War I, by Peter Donovan, paperback, 230mm x 150mm, xviii +222 pages, an index, and is illustrated in black and white. Publication was assisted by a grant from HistorySA.
Port Wakefield and District: A History Values for success: a history of National Pharmacies, by Peter Donovan, hardback, 270mm x 200mm, x + 276 pages, and index and is illustrated in colour and black and white.
Port Wakefield and District: A History The Roseworthy College Legacy and the ’68 Group, by Peter Donovan and June Donovan, hardback, 270mm x 200mm, xx + 260 pages, and index and is illustrated in black and white.


Storm is published by Donovan & Associates. Copies may be obtained from D&A at the recommended retail price of $35.95 which covers the cost of postage.

Copies of The trial of Mary Schippan, published by Donovan & Associates in 2004 also remain available from D&A at the recommended retail price of $19.95.

Meanwhile work continues on recording the history of the Elphinstone group of companies. And, during the year, we began work on another project that aims to record the story of Symbion Pharmacy Services. Symbion is one of Australia’s three major pharmaceutical wholesalers. It originally began as a division of pharmaceutical manufacturer and wholesaler FH Faulding & Co. Peter Donovan wrote a history of Faulding that was published to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the business in 1995. The current project provides the opportunity to extend the story beyond 1995 and record the sale of Faulding to Mayne in 2001, followed by the sale of the several divisions, and the establishment of Symbion as a separate company.

Donovan & Associates has continued with oral history projects. We completed 10 hours of interviews with Dr Brian Sando, who became well known as Australia’s Olympic team doctor on several occasions, which led to his appointment to committees concerned with fighting drugs in sport. We have also undertaken additional interviews for the National Library of Australia under its program of interviewing former members of federal parliament. Recent interviews have been with former member of the House of Representatives Gary Johns and one-time Senator Gerry Jones.

Two projects have been undertaken for the Adelaide City Council. One was concerned with assessing potential heritage places in the Park Lands; the other led to the documentation and digital scanning of significant heritage files.

D&A also completed a heritage project for the Unley City Council which involved the assessment of portion of Brownhill Creek that flows through Orphanage Park. D&A’s first heritage work for the City of Unley was associated with the heritage survey undertaken in 1978.

In addition, D&A provided historical advice to the Hickinbotham Group concerning proposed urban development.

Previous work undertaken by Donovan & Associates appeared on two websites launched during the year to commemorate the 175th anniversary of white settlement of South Australia. SA 175, launched by the Professional Historians Association (SA), featured several previously published articles and other historical material appearing only in unpublished reports. See www.sahistorians.org.au/

The Oral History Association of Australia (SA Branch) launched a website featuring a range of oral history interviews. It featured D&A’s interview with Robert Martin, one of a series of interviews undertaken with people associated with the Adelaide Gaol soon after it closed. See www.ohaa-sa.com.au/category/interviews/

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